A Large Majority of Retail Clients Want to Invest Sustainably

The objective of this study is to help build an in-depth understanding of retail investors’ expectations regarding “ESG issues” when they invest in financial products, saving accounts, life insurance contracts, etc.

Key Findings


Two-thirds of French and German retail investors say they want to invest sustainably


43% of respondents interested in sustainable investing said their main goal is to have an “environmental impact” in the real economy


64% of retail investors accepted a hypothetical -5% trade-off on their total returns in order to invest sustainably.

Most existing studies we reviewed before conducting the research frame the questions in broad terms (e.g. “Are you interested in sustainability?”) or refer to products (“Are you interested in sustainability products?”), thus assuming that respondents understand the concepts, understand the products and trust the product management firm’s ability to deliver what is promoted. We have approached the topic differently, trying to understand what types of outcomes consumers expect and why.

This project was made possible by

Hewlett Foundation