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Who we are

The 2° Investing Initiative (2°ii) is the global think tank for developing climate and long-term risk metrics and related policy options in financial markets. 2°ii coordinates the worlds largest research projects on climate metrics in financial markets, with over 40 research partners in the public, private and philanthropic sector, and over € 3 million re-granted to research partners to date. As part of this work, we developed the first science-based target setting and 2°C scenario analysis tool for financial portfolios, applied by over 200 financial institutions and three financial supervisory authorities to date. 2°ii also initiated the first climate-related financial regulation in Europe in the context of the French mandatory climate-related disclosure by financial institutions (Art. 173), in addition partnering with the Swiss government on 2°C scenario analysis, involving two-thirds of the Swiss pension funds and insurance market.

Our research focuses on three key pillars:

  • Developing data, scenario, and analytical solutions and tools for measuring the consistency of financial portfolios and markets with long-term climate and economic trends, as well as associated potential financial risk;
  • Addressing the key barriers to integrating these solutions into investment and financing decisions, notably around the ‘tragedy of the horizons’;
  • Aligning financial policy frameworks with policy objectives, related to the efficient intermediation of capital and long-term policy targets.

Our team

Stanislas Dupré

Founder & CEO

Jakob Thomä

Managing Director

Simon Messenger

Director France and UK

Matthieu Bardout


Magda Blum-Oeste

Data Visualisation Analyst

Nils Blum-Oeste

Head of Data Engineering

Diana Catoquessa

Office Manager Berlin

Gabrielle Couderc

Finance Manager

Mark Fulton


Emmanuelle Gauthey

Comms Manager & PA

Nikolaus (Klaus) Hagedorn


Michael Hayne

Senior Analyst

Anuschka Hilke

Senior Analyst

Martin Jakob


Daan Koopman

Data Scientist

Clare Murray


Florence Palandri


Taylor Posey


Pranav Pandya

Data Scientist

Laura Ramirez


Nina Roehrbein


Emmeline Stein


Hanying (Tina) Wang


French Board

The 2° Investing Initiative France is directed by a board of administrators and represented by a bureau. The board members come from a variety of backgrounds, such as asset management, non-profit organisations, public and government organisations and stakeholders. The composition of the French board is as follows:

Hugues Chenet


Pascal Dupuis


Jean-Charles Hourcade


Corinne Lepage


Yann Louvel


Sylvain Vanston

(AXA Group)

Stéphane Voisin


US Board

The 2° Investing Initiative USA is directed by a board of administrators and represented by a bureau. The structure was created in 2015. The composition of the US board is as follows:

Stanislas Dupré

Gabriel Thoumi

Clara Vondrich

German Board

The 2° Investing Initiative Deutschland e.V. is directed by a board of administrators and represented by a bureau. The composition of the German board is as follows:

Jakob Thomä

Nicole Röttmer

Raphael Schöttler


Governmental organisations

Financial institutions 


Research, data providers and consultancies

NGOs and investor coalitions