Our Team

Our international team includes experts from the climate, finance, legal, and other sectors, with over 10 different nationalities represented.


Jakob Thomä
Executive Director & Co-Founder

Anne Schoenauer
Deputy Research Head (1in1000 Program)

Nicola Stefan Koch
Deputy Head of Retail Investing

Moritz Bär
Senior Advisor

Hanish Bhatia

Jakub photo

Jakub Cervenka
Product Owner

Linda Delacombaz
Junior Software Developer

Frederick Fabian
Analyst and Scientific Advisor

Mirja Hollmann
Lead Data Scientist

Jacob Kastl
Senior Data Scientist - Climate Stress Tests

Matthias Kensbock
Project Manager

Mauro Lepore
Software Developer

Yahsmin Malik
Investor Relations Manager

Tilman Trompke


Hélène Lanier
Managing Director of 2DII France

Gabrielle Couderc
Director, Admin & Finance

Edgi De Los Santos Jiménez
Deputy Director, Emerging Markets

Yoni Attali-Dujon
Office Manager

Samia Baadj

David Cooke
Law and Policy Lead

Riwan Driouich

Souad Koliaï
Manager, Impact Program

Noémie Le Peuvedic
PhD Researcher

Mickaël Mangot
Head of the Retail Investor Program

Fred Reillier
Senior Communications Officer

Thierry Santacruz

Léonie Ségala
Project Manager Emerging Markets

2DII today announced it is transferring stewardship of the Paris Agreement Capital Transition Assessment (PACTA) to RMI, formerly Rocky Mountain Institute. PACTA measures financial portfolios' alignment with various climate scenarios, including those consistent with the Paris Agreement. Under RMI’s stewardship, PACTA will remain a free, independent, open-source methodology and tool, and will continue to provide the financial and supervisory community with forward-looking, science-based scenario analysis to help users make climate-aligned financing decisions. RMI will invest in scaling up PACTA’s usability and applicability in day-to-day investment decisions as well as reporting requirements.

Access the full press release here: the coming weeks, we will update this website with additional information. For now, please note that all contact information remains unchanged.