September 28, 2021

New webinar series: Driving climate impact through engagement


Are you an asset owner? Do you want to know how you can drive climate action in the real economy? Our webinar series is for you!

WWF, along with 2° Investing Initiative and other partners, is organising a series of four webinars to help asset owners and managers better understand their impact on climate change. We will present meaningful actions for them to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the real economy. Find more information below on sessions, speakers, and registration.

Engaging with investment managers: 7 October, 2pm CET


  • Pierre Abadie, Head of Climate, Tikehau Capital
  • Jake Barnett, Director, Wespath
  • Eden Coates, Lead Researcher, InfluenceMap

Climate change is a recognised financial risk and asset managers have a crucial role to play to tackle the climate crisis.

Join us to discuss current leading practices from an asset owner and asset manager side, share lessons learnt and goals, and identify key techniques required in order to facilitate a comprehensive and impactful dialogue between asset managers and asset owners.

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Engaging with fossil fuel companies: 27 October, 4pm CET


  • Tim Gould, Chief Energy Economist, IEA
  • Anders Schelde, CIO, AkademikerPension
  • Lucie Pinson, CEO, Reclaim Finance
  • Mark Campanale, Executive Chairman, Carbon Tracker

How do asset owners and managers engage with fossil fuel companies to drive climate-related impact in the real economy?

The speakers will share real-life examples of engagement with fossil fuel companies and discuss forward-looking actions needed in the next decade and Net Zero scenarios.

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The regulatory context of net zero financing: 18 November, 3pm CET


  • Pierre-Emmanuelle Beluche, Head of Sustainable Finance and Corporate Governance, French Treasury
  • Joost Mulder, Founder, Better Europe
  • Thomas Kansy, Director, Vivid Economics
  • Charlotte Gardes, Head of Climate and Financial Stability, IMF

The Regulatory Context of Net Zero financing in Europe is complex, but we have planned the perfect webinar for you to understand it better.

Join us to discuss the regulatory landscape in Europe and beyond and the role of regulators and policymakers post COP26.

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Measuring the alignment of financial portfolios: 6 December, 3pm CET


  • Eoin White, Portfolio Decarbonisation Manager, CDP (SBTi-FI)
  • Maarten Vleeschhouwer, Head of PACTA, 2DII
  • Lars Erik Mangset, Chief Advisor Climate Change, KLP
  • Sebastien Godinot, Economist, WWF

What are the best ways to measure the alignment of financial portfolios with climate scenarios?

Join us to discuss what are the most suitable metrics for guiding on-the-ground investor actions and meet net-zero targets.

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About our funder: This webinar series is supported by the KR Foundation.



2DII today announced it is transferring stewardship of the Paris Agreement Capital Transition Assessment (PACTA) to RMI, formerly Rocky Mountain Institute. PACTA measures financial portfolios' alignment with various climate scenarios, including those consistent with the Paris Agreement. Under RMI’s stewardship, PACTA will remain a free, independent, open-source methodology and tool, and will continue to provide the financial and supervisory community with forward-looking, science-based scenario analysis to help users make climate-aligned financing decisions. RMI will invest in scaling up PACTA’s usability and applicability in day-to-day investment decisions as well as reporting requirements.

Access the full press release here: the coming weeks, we will update this website with additional information. For now, please note that all contact information remains unchanged.