WEBINAR: Enhancing Transparency & Aligning Private Financial Flows with the Paris Agreement

WEBINAR: Enhancing Transparency & Aligning Private Financial Flows with the Paris Agreement

When? On November 11, 2019 from 14.00 to 15.00 (CEST)

This technical webinar will focus on how to use the PACTA model to measure the alignment of equity/corporate bond portfolios and global bank loans with the Paris Agreement. Free and open-source, the PACTA methodology analyses exposure to climate change-related sectors in equity and fixed-income portfolios over multiple scenarios – and compares it with scenarios needed for a climate-safe transition. More than 1,500 financial institutions worldwide have already applied the methodology on over $10 trillion in assets under management.

The webinar comes in the context of our support for the Swiss and Dutch government-led initiative, announced at the UN Climate Action Pre-Summit 2019, to help align private financial flows with the Paris Agreement. As part of this initiative, governments (national or sub-national), including some of the world’s biggest financial hubs, and financial institutions are committing to monitor their climate impact and their alignment with the 1.5°C temperature goal. Committed governments and financial institutions will enjoy a number of free benefits, including the chance to participate in testing the enhanced version of the PACTA methodology in 2020.


  • Jakob Thomä, Managing Director at 2° Investing Initiative
  • Silvia Ruprecht, Senior climate policy advisor in the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment FOEN

Access the webinar recording here.

To learn more about the PACTA methodology and its role in the Swiss/NL Initiative, please see https://www.transitionmonitor.com/pacta-2020/ or contact transitionmonitor@2degrees-investing.org

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Life NGO programme under grant agreement No GIC/FR/00061 PACTA