Climate Finance Product Scanner for retail investors and banks

The Climate Finance Product Scanner (Klima-Finanzproduktscanner für Kleinanleger und Banken) aims to help consumers achieve their non-financial investment objectives as well as empowering banks to meet this growing demand.

With an initial focus on the German market only, the Climate Finance Product Scanner comprises two main components:

  1. Quantitative client-profiling software on non-financial objectives
  2. An associated platform, which can be used by both banks and consumers to translate their non-financial objectives into investment beliefs and strategies

As part of this project, 2DII will develop a questionnaire about non-financial objectives, which will be available to retail investors and banks on a non-commercial informational website. We will also develop matching software for financial institutions, which they can then integrate as a white label solution to help retail investors match their non-financial objectives with financial products.

Later, we plan to expand these tools beyond the German market, with an aim to empower sustainable-minded retail investors elsewhere in Europe and beyond.

This project was made possible by

German Federal Environment Ministry (BMU)