Aiming for Impact Project

Aiming for Impact Project

The project Aiming for Impact funded by the KR Foundation and the French environmental agency ADEME puts the impact of investment-related climate actions on the agenda. So far, most actions focus on requesting better disclosure of company activities, and are likely to have only marginal impacts on investment plans.

The project assesses the likelihood of investor action translating into an actual change in CO2 emissions. To this end, 2°ii analyses different options for asset owners to reallocate their holdings and scrutinises a range of possibilities, in which investors and NGOs can directly engage with companies.

Based on the analysis of past and current investor actions, a conceptual impact assessment framework is developed. The impact assessment framework will help both investors and NGOs to identify pathways to and conditions for impact.

The impact assessment framework is complemented by the development of a new forward-looking quantitative tool, the 2°ii Climate Capex tracker, which tracks the investment plans of companies in the electricity, car manufacturing, coal mining, and oil and gas sectors The 2°ii Climate Capex tracker will provide investors and NGOs with powerful information to engage with company management on their climate strategies.

To scale up the use of the impact framework and disseminate the Capex tracker, 2°ii will engage with campaigners enter partnerships with investor coalitions and the ISO.