Job opening

Internship (Long-term risk management & supervision team)

We are looking for an intern to join our growing team working on the new long-term risk management research program.

May 1st, 2021
6 months (preferably)

The aim of this program is to integrate the management of long-term risks, especially those related to climate change, into financial markets and supervisory practices. With Covid-19, we are currently experiencing the manifestation of a long-term or as we call it 1in1000 type risk. Due to the unfolding climate crisis as well as technological disruptions and political tensions around the world, there is reason to believe that these systemic and potentially catastrophic risks will increase in frequency and intensity in the future. Building on 2DII’s focus on financial markets, the program has the following two objectives: a) to make financial markets more resilient towards 1in1000 type risks and b) to shift financial institutions to actively contribute to reducing long-term risks by for example placing funds into financing climate mitigation projects.

About the role:

Your main assignment will be to perform research in a new and challenging field. Broadly speaking you would support our research that is concentrated on the management of 1in1000 risks, i.e. develop tools to measure (stress testing, scenario analysis), monitor (dashboards, anticipation tools) and mitigate (impact assessment tools) 1in1000 risks. You would also support us to conduct policy analysis around these risks and risk management in the financial sector. Depending on your profile, tasks will include desk research, data analysis, statistical modelling and contributions to our studies. We appreciate it if you have either a background in statistics, machine learning or finance and monetary policy – but please note: no must have!

About us:

The 2° Investing Initiative (2DII) is an international, non-profit think tank working to align financial markets and regulations with the Paris Agreement goals. We have been developing tools for the financial sector to better understand the impacts of climate change on the financial sector. This is available free of charge as a climate scenario analysis tool at

Desired qualifications:

  • Knowledge of one or more of the following fields a) scenario and stress testing activities b) monetary policy and financial supervision c) statistical modelling
  • Good level of understanding of finance or a desire to learn, previous work or internship experience in finance, monetary policy, risk management topics is a plus
  • Experience and motivation to work on climate change impacts, or other 1in1000 risks such as pandemics, social cohesion or biodiversity
  • Experience in working with data and data management
  • Excellent written and verbal skills in English

We offer:

  • Inclusion in the team from the very beginning with own responsibilities and the space to bring up your own ideas
  • A dynamic team with a lot of fun and passion for our mission
  • A personal line manager that will support you with your professional and personal development
  • participation in high-level events, workshops and interviews conducted with practitioners in finance
  • A salary of €1,800

The application deadline is April 1st. Please send your application letter to jobs[at] with information on your availability/start date, a CV without a picture, and a short cover letter.

2° Investing Initiative is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunities and will take positive action to continually ensure equal opportunity to our employees and to our applicants in the conduct of all business activities.