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Data Steward

Data Steward
Berlin / Paris / New York
Long-term contract

2DII coined the concept of aligning investment portfolios with climate objectives a full three years before the Paris Agreement. In 2018, this culminated in the launch of the open-source Paris Agreement Capital Transition Assessment (PACTA) methodology and accompanying free online tool to assess the alignment of corporate bonds and listed equities.

In 2020, following extensive road-testing with more than 15 global banks, 2DII launched PACTA for Banks. PACTA for Banks was developed as a free-of-charge public software, in partnership with and funding from a range of stakeholders across the banking, academic, and NGO sectors.

2DII has since identified different research workstreams that allow us to expand on the success of PACTA into risk management and the quantification of the impact of financial activities.

To expand the knowledge of financial institutions in this subject matter, 2DII has focussed on creating a range of tools and applications based on various data sources. To help us achieve this goal we are looking for someone to manage the various data sources that we have including the code, sourcing new data, and managing updates.

About us:

The 2° Investing Initiative (2DII) is an international, non-profit think tank working to align financial markets and regulations with the Paris Agreement goals. We have been developing tools for the financial sector to better understand the impacts of climate change on the financial sector. This is available free of charge as a climate scenario analysis tool at


Your main assignment will be to (i) manage and process data updates, (ii) contribute to code developments for cleaning and processing of data, (iii) support new research with investigation into new sources, (iv) take responsibility for the quality assurance of the data.


  • Sourcing financial data quarterly.
  • Preparing data quarterly ready for use in PACTA and other projects.
  • Handling ad-hoc data requests (CA100+, investors, banking enquiries).
  • Overseeing the data handling for external partners and managing corresponding code base.
  • Overseeing integration of the creation of a new (historic) dataset, tracking the data changes over time including the classification of type of change (PAATS)
  • Reviewing data processing code and managing upgrades and integration with PACTA.
  • Creating improved data workflow structures and standards.
  • Improving data security for both portfolio and ALD
  • Contributing to research regarding new data sources.
  • Managing trials and contracts with new data sources.
  • Maintaining documentation.
  • Staying up to date on latest data sources and researching new ones as required.
  • Research and improve emissions data bases.

Desired qualifications:

Required knowledge of and experience in:

  • R
  • Azure
  • Git and GitHub.
  • SQL, database creation

Optional knowledge of and experience in:

  • Bash, Python, or other scripting languages
  • Docker, secure VMs for analysts
  • Knowledge of financial data sources
  • Ability and interest in the creation and maintenance of data bases
  • Strong interest in understanding how the finance industry can better address climate change issues.

We offer you:

  • A dynamic team of developers, data scientists, analysts, and sustainable finance specialists passionate about the climate transition
  • A mission that brings together finance, technology, and real-world impact
  • Flexibility in terms of working hours and a family-friendly working environment
  • An environment for growth and collaboration with people from different backgrounds
  • Competitive salary subject to experience and office location

Interested in changing finance to tackle climate change? Contact us!

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2° Investing Initiative is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunities and will take positive action to continually ensure equal opportunity to our employees and to our applicants in the conduct of all business activities. We provide equal opportunities to all individuals regardless of religion, ethnic or national origin, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or marital status.