What we do

Mission and activities : Research & engagement

Research activities include multi-year research programs, thematic studies, and policy papers. Visit "Studies / Projects" for more information and free access to all our publications.

Engagement activities include workshops, seminars, etc. to support research ; collaborative projects to build multi-stakeholder consortiums and raise funds ; provision of free technical support to policy makers and NGOs, and dissemination of findings at conferences, seminars, bilateral briefings, etc. Visit "Events" for more information on our past and upcoming events.

Identified barriers and related work streams

Public and private financial sector stakeholders face key barriers in response to these objectives. These barriers are grouped within three categories, tackled by 2°ii work streams : metrics, processes, and policies.

2D investing metrics address the ability of the financial sector to measure their contribution to and/or alignment with financing the transition to a low-carbon economy, and the associated financial risks and opportunites.

2D investing processes focus on the role of mainstream practices, financial products, and institutions and the extent to which they create barriers and / or opportunities for 2° investing.

2D investing policies address the financial sector-specific regulatory and policy framework influencing the incentives around financing the transition to a low-carbon economy.