International Award on Investor Climate-related Disclosures

The French Ministry of Environment in collaboration with 2°Investing Initiative is organizing the first edition of the International Award on Investor Climate-related Disclosures (2°Invest Award).

The award aims to highlight best practices in investor climate change reporting, in line with Article 173-VI, and consequently also provide food for thought for existing international initiatives on climate-related disclosures for investors.

In its first edition, the award will focus on four main reporting aspects:
1. Assessment of climate-related risk exposure;
2. Contribution to the international climate objectives;
3. Integration of climate-related criteria in the investment and engagement policies; and
4. Communication to clients and beneficiaries.

An independent jury consisting of four constituencies -French authorities, international authorities, groups of investors engaged on environmental and climate issues, and environmental NGOs- is in charge of selecting the best reporters and the award categories.

Any entity managing an investment portfolio, subject or not to law, is invited to apply. Investors interested to participate in the process are strongly encouraged to approach to 2° Investing Initiative .